Will I Find Favour If I Join Choir In The Church?

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Definitely, they are an absolute blessing, favour and upliftment awaiting you, if you join the choir in the church and not even the choir but any other department in the church of God.

There are departments in the church that you see a gap and as a faithful member of the church, you need to fill up that position because that is where the blessing will locate you.

Don’t just overlook some positions in the church and be the kind that only goes to church during Sunday service. Be determined to work for your creator and he will be the one that will protect and provide for you at any given time.

There is more to churchgoing than just attending service on Sunday. Try to engage in other activities in the church and don’t think someone will reward you but believe that your creator will reward you accordingly.

Many people are so confused about what they can do to attract God’s favour and blessing in their life. But, there are things they need to do that most people have been taking for granted and think it’s just minor things.

To be honest with you, there is a blessing attached to every position in the church if you are doing your work in the church with a faithful and sincere heart. God knows what you are going through but he’s just silent to see how you will react to the situation.

No, matter what you are going through you need to keep thanking and glorifying God for his faithfulness in your life and the lives of the people that are related to you.

Things are really happening each day but you are still alive to witness the faithfulness of God in your life. So, what else can you say about that, than for you to give him thanks?  

The most precious gift in this life is the air we breathe daily. Many people are looking for this same opportunity but they can’t find it but look at you enjoying the grace that is been showered on you by your creator. Definitely, you need to always thank him and try your best to work in his presence with a sincere heart.

I know you might face a lot of temptation and trials from people that were assigned to work with you in the same department in the church. But, don’t let that push you down or make you run away from your responsibilities in the presence of God.

There is no place where you won’t be tempted, but it takes the grace of God and your discipline for you to overcome that. Believe in yourself that no matter what you are going to face in any department you are planning to join in the church you will overcome it and still stand out as the best and most respected among all.

Yes, your personality should always speak well of you wherever you go to. People tend to have a close look at you more than you do. That is why most people can easily define you and tell you who you are without you letting them know.

This is why even in the church someone will just call you and start complimenting you without you knowing what you have done to deserve that. That simply means that the eyes of the people are with you both in public and private, so you should always behave yourself when given any position in the church of God and not even the church of God alone but any organisation, company or group where you find yourself.

Let everyone feels the impact of your position in any organisation, company or group. Carry people along in whatever you want to do. Don’t forget them in any way. Try in as much as you can to always put a smile on their faces. Let them believe that it wasn’t a mistake for them to join the organisation, company or group.

I know there is a question you always ask yourself whenever you want to join any group in the church. And that big question is ‘Will I Find Favour If I Join Choir In The Church’.

Well, I will sincerely tell you the truth that there is more in joining the choir and not just finding favour on the side of God and man but also, Blessing, Good Health, Financial Break Through and more await you.

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