Where You Should Stay In The Church To Receive God’s Word Clearly

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Going to church each day will not make you a changed person but how you are able to commit yourself to the things of God. A lot of people only go to church on a Sunday morning which should not be so.

Have you ever asked yourself this question before ‘Who are those attending the mid-week activities’? If everyone wanted to make their job or business a priority, do you think there will be mid-week activities in the church?

Think about the pastors. They decided to leave their job and businesses just to make sure that you are able to see them any time and any day you come around to the church.

So, don’t you think that everything we do in this life is a sacrifice? You need to sacrifice for what you love which should be the things of God.

Where You Should Stay In The Church To Receive God’s Word Clearly

There are numerous things that you know you can handle but because of procrastination, you are unable to do it. Perfection does not just come to you when you are not able to make things perfect in his presence.

Try as much as you can to be positive always. Don’t keep time for yourself but rather do everything when the time is reading. By doing that, you will be able to complete some of those things that you find difficult to do.

Don’t ever try to stop anything you are doing halfway because you might not have the same ability you had before to complete it. Let your words always move you and don’t stop, if you don’t come out with a positive answer.

This is why I said earlier that you should always let go of whatever you are doing when the time for you to worship your creator is due. You know your church activities daily and the time frame, so why then do you stay back when you know that you won’t spend much of your time in the service?

It is quite alright for you to worship your creator, if not for anything but for the gift of life and how your business is moving to a greater height within some months or years. So, what else do you have to say when you don’t have silver or gold to give?

Yes, it’s indeed you try as much as you can to be attending the things of your creator. Don’t be the kind that loves your creator only by the lips but let it be from your heart.

At this point, that’s why you should know where you should stay in the church to receive God’s word clearly.

Do you think there is a better and perfect place to stay or sit in the church which will help you to give a listening ear or perfect attention to what is going on in the church at that particular time or period?

Well, let me clear your doubt at this point. Definitely, there is no perfect place to stay in the church to receive God’s word clearly because if your mind is in the church and you don’t have anything in your hand or mind which will be a distraction to you, then you don’t have any problem, and where you stay or sit won’t even matter because you will get everything clearly.

So, have it in mind that what you do in church when preaching is going on determines if you will receive God’s word clearly or not.

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