When To Put A Smile On Someone Face In The Church?

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Making someone smile should be everyone’s priority. You know what it means to you when someone wears that fabulous smile on his/her face. The most important thing in life for us as humans is for us to see someone being happy for our own sake.

That alone means a lot to you and the person that you are touching his/her life positively. When you determine to do something, just do it wholeheartedly. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what you need to do before you can do that. Let your eyes and mind always be ready for a positive outcome.

Giving does not entail that you should be rich first before you can help someone else either financially or otherwise. They are people who have a pure heart of giving even when they don’t have much but they always try their possible best to make sure that people around them or someone out there is smiling.

When To Put A Smile On Someone Face In The Church?

Life is more than how we define it. So, if you are able to make someone understands the value of living a fully satisfied life then you deserve some accolades. Most people are really going through hard times but they can’t just say it out because of the environment and society they are living in.

Things are really happening in society before our very own eyes but some people will just overlook it because it does not concern them since it’s not in their home or happening to their close friends or relatives. You shouldn’t allow someone to complain to you before you can render help to that very person.

Have a good heart and let your conscience always put you on the right part at a particular time. Don’t always expect people to come and be begging or kneeling down for you before you can help them. No, you should not allow that to happen under your watch.

Learn to be that man or woman with a soft heart that people will always find easy to talk to at any given time. Always give a listening ear to people because you never can tell what the person is going to discuss with you. Some people might not need financial assistance from you but giving them advice would be the most pleasant thing ever.

Try as much as possible to carry people along. It might not readily be your friends or close associate before you can help. Give a listening ear to those people in your church, and environment and make them understand that it’s a good thing to have someone that thinks for others and not just his/herself alone.

Inculcate the habit of giving and not just receiving because there is more blessing in living than receiving. Develop yourself in the aspect of selflessness. Making yourself outstanding in the aspect of giving is worthwhile.

Believe in yourself that you can do this without anyone forcing you to do it. There is always a reward for a cheerful giver. When you open your heart to everyone and make them find a reason to trust and believe in you then you will definitely earn their respect and a better mindset towards them.

When do you think is better to put a smile on someone’s face in the church or anywhere? Definitely, there is no particular time or period to put a smile on someone’s face. You should always help when you have and not wait for a particular period, or time.  The time you should do that is now. So, arise and do the needful.

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