What Makes You Think That You Are Righteous?

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Being humble whenever people are around you or when you are in public does not justify anything.  It is better for you to showcase that attitude of yours in public and let people know truly who you are and what you are up to.

Don’t try to act smart when you see people because by doing that you are trying to make yourself uncomfortable. Be yourself and always act the way you use to do when people are not with you. Hiding your identity from people wouldn’t make them think that you are righteous.

Most people tend to attend services daily and even sit in the front row of the church, just for them to be acting like a saint because the eyes of the people are always on you. But, if you leave that particular place in the church, you start to showcase your true self and colour.

So, why then should you be acting righteous when you know deep down that you are not? It is very much better for you not to pretend to be who you are not. I personally urge you to be who you are in other for you to earn the respect you deserved.  

A lot of people do see you where you think no one sees you. They will just hide from you and stay far away to observe how you are going to act in other for them to know truly who you are.

At that point, what do you think of yourself? Don’t you know you are finished? I’m just smiling at what ignorant want to use you and do. It is better for you to please yourself and displease others because you don’t know what they are actually doing behind closed doors.

 Happiness is free, so try to make yourself happy always because you don’t know what the person you are trying to please is doing silently. He/she might be worst than you but since everyone is just pretending to be a saint then who will you call your role model?

You need to emulate someone with a plain heart and lifestyle not just fake people with their fake lifestyle. Don’t always rush to call anyone your mentor because you don’t know who that person truly represents.

Look at people from afar. Try to know who they are, what they do, and their lifestyle in public and private. Make sure that your heart deserved them. Your health is more important than any other thing. So, don’t be close to people that are toxic which they are directly making you feel down always.

If you start observing any unpleasant behaviour about someone that you call your mentor then it’s time for you to find your way because such a person can’t impact you positively. Always try to be with people that are positive in whatever they are doing.

Not these people with eye services, just to earn respect from the public which won’t last long because such a lifestyle will always lead you from one problem to the other.

And, that is when the question comes to play ‘What makes you think that you are righteous’.

Having an innocent face, dressing decently, sitting in the front row in church, using your natural hair, always maintaining a low cut with your hair, speaking in a low tone, avoiding social platforms, not using a Smartphone and the rest of things do not make you a righteous person.

What makes you a righteous person is how you are able to act even when no one is there to tell you what you need to do at a particular time.

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