Top 8 Best Christian Secondary Schools In Nigeria 2024

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What comes to your mind when you hear people talking about the Best Christian Secondary Schools In Nigeria? However, the majority of parents don’t like admitting their kids to a Christian secondary school due to the high cost of fees and the rest. But, I will let you know that the best decision you can take as a parent towards your kid’s education is by admitting them into a Christian secondary school here in this country.

I know some parents think in this part of the country that there is no best Christian secondary school. But, I will let you know that there are numerous. This is the most important reason why this informative article was been compiled for you to know the list of the top 8 best Christian secondary schools in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Christian Secondary Schools In Nigeria

1. Christ The King College, Onitsha

Christ the King College, Onitsha, popularly known as CKC Onitsha, is one of the best Christian Secondary Schools in Nigeria. Christ the King College has stayed true to its tagline and declaration of the purpose of educating children in collaboration with parents to mold their hearts for a brighter future. The institution has produced some of the top graduates in the country.

2. Mea Mater Elizabeth High School

Mea Mater Elizabeth High School is a private Nigerian secondary school institution. It is a boarding school. The school opened in September 2004. It is located in the village of Ojiagu in Agbani, Enugu State in the southeastern part of Nigeria. The school teaches students to be prayerful and committed to worshipping God in truth and in spirit. The school has been listed as one of the top Christian schools in Nigeria.

3. Loyola Jesuit College

The institution, located in Abuja, is one of the best schools in Nigeria. It is a private secondary school established by the Roman Catholic Church and named St. Ignatius.

All students are required to live on campus under the group members’ guidance. It is among the best secondary schools in Nigeria, with good results from the examining council.

In addition, it continues to produce well-rounded critical thinkers and future leaders who excel in learning, character, spiritual growth, and humanitarian service.

4. Lumen Christi College Maya Ikorodu

Lumen Christi College Maya Ikorodu was established to educate and mold Nigerian children so that they could contribute to the nation’s development.

Everyone works hard to create a welcoming learning atmosphere, and diversity is celebrated at our school. Lumen Christi College offers pupils a challenging academic program reinforced by a vibrant co-curricular, athletics, and enrichment program.

5. Mater Christi Girls High School Igede-Ekiti

Mater Christi Girls High School is a full-time boarding school located at Igede-Ekiti, a small town in Ekiti State in the southwestern part of Nigeria. The school is managed by the Reverend Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church.

The school is meant for girls only and has good track records in terms of bringing up students to be self-discipline, inculcate good manners and morals, and worship God in truth and in spirit. The school has been listed as one of the top Christian schools in Nigeria.

6. Grange Schools, Ikeja

The Grange School was initially built to teach the children of West African Air Corporation (WAAC) employees.

The school has expanded over time to accommodate children whose parents want their children to receive an English National Curriculum education.

It is presently one of Nigeria’s best secondary institutions. The school’s academic policy is to provide a wide curriculum that emphasizes self-achievement, self-discipline, and community service.

7. The American International School of Lagos

The American International School of Lagos is among the best private schools in Nigeria in 2022. Located in Lagos, the institution provides an American educational program to students of all nationalities.

It was established to provide an exceptional American experience that provides Nigerian students with global opportunities. The AISL education curriculum is a fair approach that encourages all students to strive for personal greatness.

The six tenets that guide their educational approach are academic accomplishment, lifelong learning, balanced learning, cultural diversity awareness, whole child development, and technology.

8. The British International School, Lagos

The British International School Lagos is a vibrant and progressive co-educational institution located in a lush natural environment on Victoria Island.

It is a co-educational institution with state-of-the-art facilities and a highly qualified academic staff. The school equips pupils with the skills they need to succeed in the future.

The institution’s community’s diversity is one of its assets, with students and teachers representing over ten different nations.

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